Apponyi Palace

The carefully restored Rococo Apponyi Palace formerly belonged to Hungarian nobleman Count George Apponyi. Nowadays you can find two exhibitions located here - the Exhibition of Historical Interiors featuring many gorgeously restored furniture pieces presenting the living culture of the 18th and 19th centuries. 

The other exhibition is the Museum of Viticulture presenting the rich tradition of winemaking in Bratislava. The highlight of the exhibition is the Palugyay and Hubert memorial hall memorializing two most significant wine-producers in the city.

Today, once again, many of these have come back to life. Fine local wines are available to taste and buy in the palace's historical courtyard. They are worth a try - the excellent wines from this area were once drunk by King Matthias Corvinus and the Bohemian aristocracy. From 1767, Empress Maria Theresa imported 'Frankovka' (a local variety of red wine) from the Bratislava district of Rača to the Viennese court.