Best Experiences in Slovakia

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In Slovakia, thanks to the diversity of regions and attractions that the country offers you will certainly never get bored.

There is a large number of UNESCO sites - several caves which are well-known throughout Europe buts also worldwide, as well as wooden churches and medieval town centers. Extremely rich sources of mineral and thermal water are the basis for an immense number of brand-new or thoroughly renovated water parks and swimming pools.Also worth a visit are dozens of castles and chateaux, with the most popular among them the fairytale Bojnice Castle, the medieval gem Orava Castle, the mighty Spiš Castle, as well as numerous open-air museums of which the largest is the Museum of the Slovak Village in Martin.Families with children and animal lovers will certainly fall in love with the Zoofarma Modrová (kangaroos), Oasis of the Siberian Tiger or Bison Menagerie in Topoľčianky.Other attractions include the Astronomical Clock in Stará Bystrica, Courtyard of Europe in Komárno, Craters of Vyšné Ružbachy, Geyser in Herľany and many many more.We wish you a pleasant time in Slovakia!

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