Chatam Sofer Memorial

This memorial is named after the influential Chief Rabbi of Pressburg Moshe Schneider, also known as the Chatam Sofer, who was one of the leading figures of 19th-century European Judaism. His grave, and that of 22 others, is all that remain of a 17th-century Jewish cemetery which was destroyed in 1943.

The graves were covered for decades by a concrete slab until, at the turn of the century, architect Martin Kvasnica was commissioned to design the present complex which adheres to the strict requirements of the Halakhah (Jewish Law) as well as being a striking piece of modern design. It opened in 2002 and remains a place of worship.

The memorial can only be entered with a guide from the Bratislava Jewish Religious Community which maintains the memorial site. It is not possible to visit the site on Shabbat (from Friday night to Saturday night). For all visits, advance request of at least 48 hours is required.

Note: The Chatam Sofer Memorial is not a tourist site but a burial site and a place of prayer. Appropriate attire in accordance with Orthodox requirements is required (long trousers and head cover for men, modest dress covering knees, shoulders, arms below elbows for women).