Grassalkovich Palace

This rococo summer palace was built in 1760 for the chairman of the Hungarian Royal Chamber and advisor to Empress Maria Theresa, Count Anton Grassalkovich. The sumptuous house was a sought-after venue for aristocratic society events. The palace is now the official residence of the President of the Slovak Republic.

Behind the Presidential Palace (Grassalkovich Palace) on Hodžovo Square is a handsome park (originally the gardens of the palace) with old trees and lawns. It was originally created as a French formal garden and still offers a quiet space away from the bustle of the city. It contains a statue of the Empress Maria Theresa on horseback, the Fountain of Youth by prominent Slovak sculptor Tibor Bártfay and avant-garde statues by contemporary artists. Dogs and bicycles are not allowed so it is a safe place to let kids run loose (there is also a small playground). Access to the park is via Štefánikova or Banskobystrická Streets and is open from dawn dusk, all year round.

(1st & 3rd photo © Tomáš Šereda /, 2nd photo credit: Facebook)