How to get to Slovakia

By plane


By train

Bratislava is a major rail hub with direct connections to Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland as well as the rest of Slovakia.

By bus

By car

By ship

There is a hydrofoil service linking Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna, as well as a city liner between the Austrian capital and the metropolis city of Slovakia. On the Danube it takes only 75 minutes, and the catamarans cross as many as four times a day between the center of Vienna and the Slovak capital.

By hitchhiking

Well, this is one of many ways to get to Slovakia. Probably being less traditional, but an adventurous way of travel and still popular, especially among the younger generation. Hitchhiking can be a perfect way to improve your conversational skills (no matter in which language). And since you must rely mostly on luck, we wish you a bunch of it as well as a good hitchhiking pick - up spot!

By walking 

If you happen to have someone pick you up while hitchhiking and drop you off just before the border, feel free to move a few steps further on foot . It's well worth it! But now seriously, Slovakia is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area as well, so while admiring the natural beauty of Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland or Austria you can suddenly find yourself in Slovakia easily. Please, continue on your journey, you will be warmly welcomed!

By accident

If you find yourself in Slovakia suffering from a horrible hangover after a night of an alcohol filled party , do not despair. Browse through our sites, and find a place where you can have some tasty bryndzové halušky (potato dumplings with sheep cheese) or other traditional Slovakian specialties, which will definitely put you back on your feet .