Pezinok is an old vintner town surronded by slopes of a mountain range Small Carpathy which have played an important role in its history. It was the Small Carpathian mountain which provided valuable resources for native inhabitants of Pezinok. The town is an attractive place for tourists and everyday visitors due to its proximity to the nation's capital Bratislava, as well as easily accessibility by both road transportation and trains. Vintner traditions are still alive and the town is well-known for a prosperous brickmaking and production of pottery. Wine production and wine making have had a tremendous impact on the livestyle of the people.

Besides gold mining which already disappeared, there is a prosperous brickmaking and the production of pottery. Other important economic sectors in the town iclude construction, trade and small craft production.

An interesting place for all sports lovers in Small Carpathy is the ski resort on the hill of Baba. In the summer many tourists go hiking on a number of marked tourist paths. All city forests are a part of a natural protected area Small Carpathy. Beech and oak trees are most widely spread in the area.

There are also many traditional events in the town.