Unique Series of Tapestries - Primatial Palace

This series of six tapestries, which ranks among the most precious exhibits of the City Gallery, can be found on display inside the Primatial Palace.

The tapestries were woven at the royal tapestry works in the English town of Mortlake, near London, in the 1630's.

They are based on designs by the German artist Francis Cleyn and depict scenes from Greek mythology, in this case the tragic love of Hero, priestess of Aphrodite, for the young Leander.

The Primatial Palace, regarded as the most beautiful Classicist building in Bratislava, was built in 1778. 

Entry to the palace offers visitors the chance to see its famous Hall of Mirrors, the scene of many historic events, most notably the signing of the Peace of Bratislava following Napoleon's victory over Austria-Hungary at the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805.