Lower Považie

The region of Lower Považie (Dolné Považie) has assumed the name of the river Váh flowing through the territory from north to south. Dolné Považie is among the earliest settled territories of Slovakia. Continuous historic settlement of the territory is testified to by numerous archaeological finds.

Photo: Sunset, Lower Považie Tomáš Benčík (www.tomasbencik.com)

Lower Považie seen from the tourist point of view is likewise a frequented area. Trnava with numerous sacral monuments and Piešťany with world famous spa are topped off by the charming forests of the Small Carpathian Mountains (Malé Karpaty).

Photo: Spa town of Piešťany © Tibor Rendek

In addition there is the Driny Cave, Dolina Hlboče Valley, Smolenický Karst, Smolenice Castle or the archaeological locality Molpír.

Photo: Smolenice Castle © Tomáš Šereda (www.ttstudio.sk)

In the past, an important trade route referred to as the Czech Road, which connected Czechia and Moravia with the Kingdom of Hungary led through this territory. Many castles were built along it in the 13th century - Ostrý Kameň Castle, Korlátka Castle, Dobrá Voda Castle. Now they are destinations of trippers. 

Photo: Ostrý Kameň Castle © Tomáš Šereda (www.ttstudio.sk)



Smolenice Castle

Driny Cave

Chateau Moravany nad Váhom

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Korlátka Castle

Ostrý Kameň Castle

Basilica Minor of St. Nicholas

Dobrá Voda Castle

Manor House Dolná Krupá

Church of the Virgin Mary in Diakovce

Church and Monastery of St. Catherine

Manor House Galanta

Chapel of Virgin Mary of Trnava

Pan Mill in Tomášikovo

Archaeological Site & Museum Molpír