Nitra and Surroundings

Region of Nitra is one of the regions of Slovakia interesting not only for its natural beauty, but also and above all for its cultural as well as historical heritage. It has attracted our ancestors who left their traces all over the area. Especially, the arrival of the Slav tribes at the territory of Slovakia, their concentration in the area of Nitra and the foundation of the first Slav Principality increase importance of this territory.

Photo: Church of St. Michael Dražovce © Marián Vargic

The axis of the area is the river Nitra, which connects the northern and the southern parts of the region.

The region offers suitable conditions for cycling, hiking and recreation in several thermal swimming pools. Old churches in villages like Dražovce and Kostoľany pod Tribečom, castles of Nitra, Levice, Gýmeš and Hrušov, ...

Photo: Hrušov Castle © Tibor Rendek

... enchanting chateaux of Topoľčianky and Mojmírovce, the beautifully renovated Manor House Pustý Chotár in Beladice and other cultural and historic monuments of the oldest Slovak town of Nitra make the offer to visitors even more attractive. The exhibition area in this town Agrokomplex is the venue of regular international agricultural fairs as well as other exhibitions.

Photo: Nitra - the oldest Slovak town with a rich history; in the background the Cathedral of St. Emeram © Juraj Moravčík (



Chateau Topoľčianky

Gýmeš Castle

Cathedral of St. Emeram

Nitra Castle

Chateau Mojmírovce

Water Mill in Bohunice

Levice Castle

Hrušov Castle

Manor House Pustý Chotár - Beladice

Piarist Monastery and Church in Nitra

Church of the Virgin Mary in Bíňa

Church of St. George in Kostoľany pod Tribečom

Monastery and Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Nitra

Church of St. Michael in Nitra - Dražovce