Welcome to Slovakia, a truly authentic country

Incredibly beautiful and in many places nature is still untouched. The mountains are full of native species of fauna and flora with colorful, gorgeous blooming meadows below them. There are plains and fields, all interlaced with clean, vibrant rivers and streams in several national parks.

Photo: Besník, National Park of Slovenský raj (Slovak Paradise) © Stano Stratený

One may see architectural landmarks that are admired with recognition and respect from the locals and by other nations as well. Many of them  are added on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of global treasury. Numerous thermal and mineral springs with unique composition and therapeutic effects are also found, including many health spas and brand-new water parks with the most modern facilities, boarding houses and hotels of a wide range of requirements. This is our lovely country, SLOVAKIA.

Photo: Historic Town of Bardejov - UNESCO World Heritage Site © Jakub Hricišák

Centers of old cities along with the flashy former aristocratic residences and ruins of castles have been and are still being renovated. During the sorrowful period of 'real socialism' and 'iron curtain' many of them were strongly neglected and devastated. However, the country is about to begin to appreciate the cultural heritage again, even though it may not always be in the same direction and way one would imagine. New dimensions of civilization do not always bring only positive things, but the connection of modern with ancient also has its own unique and unparallelled charm.

Photo: Chateau Betliar © Ivan Valko

Slovaks have retained many of their habits and traditions, some of them have also been revived which are gladly presented in various cultural events. People living here have also maintained their great and admirable piece of sincerity and warmth along with the traditional Slavic hospitality.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a thousand pictures. 

The range of services for visitors and holidaymakers is truly great and bountiful. Slovakia is an attractive destination especially for those seeking a stay in a quiet and undisturbed nature or environment; lovers of ancient sacred and secular architecture; enthusiasts of castles and chateaux; patients who need healing and treatment in many world-famous spas, and of course for those who have a passion for trekking or hiking and many other sports activities and entertainment like skiing, snowboarding, cycling, skating, rafting, paragliding, water skiing, inline skating and many, many more.

Photo: Bojnice Castle © Tomáš Paule (www.tommyfoto.sk)