The name Záhorie (Transmountain) appeared for the first time in the 17th century and it is based in the Latin name Processus Transmontanus, which referred to the area situated beyond the Small Carpathians or the Little Carpathians. The region is situated in the western part of Slovakia next to the frontier with Austria and Czech Republic. The territory is limited in the west by the state frontier with Austria and it runs along the river Morava while in the northwest and southeast its borders coincide with the frontier with the Czech Republic and the ridge of the Small Carpathians, respectively.

Photo © Tibor Rendek

Záhorie, due to its favoured geographical position and friendly climatic conditions is one of the earliest settled territories in Slovakia.

Photo: Plavecký Castle © Marek Beseda

The region provides good conditions and possibilities for activities like cycling and hiking, as well as recreation next to its numerous lakes and the river. Ruins of castles - Plavecký Castle and Branč Castle, former aristocratic residences in Senica and Sobotište, Spa Smrdáky, Monastery and Basilica Minor in Šaštín-Stráže, St. George's Rotunda in Skalica, and cultural monuments of the former royal borough town of Skalica complement the offer.

Photo: St. George's Rotunda in Skalica. Credit: www.poskalicku.sk

Monastery and Basilica of the Virgin Mary in Šaštín-Stráže

St. George's Rotunda in Skalica

Branč Castle

Manor House Sobotište

Windmill in Holíč

Plavecký Castle

Manor House Senica

Museum of Habans in Veľké Leváre

Farm settlement in Plavecký Peter