Practical Information


If you feel the need for online speed, log on in the Slovak Republic. Earlier this year, Google measured Web page load speeds on desktop computers and mobile devices in 50 countries with the fastest Internet connections. When it came to the fastest average time for loading Web pages on a desktop computer, the Slovak Republic topped the list at a speedy 3.3 seconds.
Source: Bloomberg


Tap water is absolutely safe to drink, apart from some exceptional cases, when a notice warns about the possible defect.


The electrical system operates on European standard of 230 V/50 Hz, CEE 7/5 (French) round plug with two round pins. This standard also accepts Europlugs and CEE 7/17 plugs. Visitors using 3 pin plug items would need an adaptor, which is easy to get in almost every electrical supplies.


The situation in Slovakia is in this aspect similar to all EU neighbouring countries. Especially in overcrowded places where many tourists pass by you have to pay attention to your personal stuff and valuables. For motorists the usual measures are valid - it is recommended to park the cars on guarded parking places as well as not to leave valuables unnecessarily in the parked car. The best piece of advice is to keep the valuables in the hotel safe and not to carry too much cash with you. If you want to change your foreign currency into € we advice you to avoid the street 'traders'!


Before the arrival to Slovakia no special health precautions or medical measures are necessary. We only recommend a tick vaccine, especially in case if you plan to spend a lot of time in forests. It is also suitable to carry with you some insect repellents since in areas close lakes can be an increased occurence of gnats.


Except for the usual travel insurance made in your country it is necessary to close a mountain search and rescue insurance (for rescue service telephone number click here) if you plan a mountain hiking or even an extreme skiing. In some areas this insurance is part of the tourist fee. Feel free to look for more information about the insurance offers by tourist information offices.


Apart from fast-food outlets, most cafés and restaurants have table service. A tip of 5-10 per cent is appreciated in all types of restaurants. The usual protocol here is for the waiter to tell you the total food bill and for you to say how much you want to pay with the tip included, as you hand over the payment. Even if you pay by credit card, cash tips are preferred so it is always fine to have some small change in your pocket シ.



Smoking in pubs and bars is generally tolerated, however, you can find places where you are not allowed to smoke. In catering facilities, at workplaces and trains smoking is allowed only in areas reserved for smokers (incl. shopping centres). Smoking prohibition is valid in all closed public areas such as bus stops and closed sports fields, in publicly accessible spaces like stations, theatres, cinemas, museums, galleries, exhibition grounds as well as at all schools.