Best Body and Soul in Danubeland

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Slovakia team

Slovakia is a country with centuries-old tradition of spa treatment thanks to the abundant occurrence of healing mineral and thermal springs, whose therapeutic effects were discovered already by the Roman leagions as early as in the 1st century AD.

Spa resorts (currently there are as many as 23) are globally recognized and highly recommended by renowned experts in the field of spa treatments. They offer different types of therapeutic treatments for diseases as well as treatments in order to prevent them.Their location in the beatiful surroundings of nature away from city noise creates an optimal environment for treatment as well as physical and mental relaxation. In many spa areas rich leisure and cultural activities (events) are available. Spas often offer relaxing and wellness stays as well, therefore they are considered as a place for relaxation and holidays.In Slovakia there is also a rich offer of hotels and guest houses that are specialized in wellness.We believe you will choose!