Upper Nitra

As the name suggests, the region of Upper Nitra lies next to the upper reach of the river Nitra, which connects the northern and southern parts of the region. The main communications run parallel to its stream. The region is known above all for its cultural as well as historical heritage and offers testimony and rich historical relics from the Stone Age, which creates an unusual and varied the attractiveness of this region for both foreign and domestic visitors.

Although being a rather small area it offers a plethora of targets that satisfy the most demanding expectations - walking and cycling tours through the beautiful surrounding countryside, which offers unparalleled views; winter ski slopes and cross-country skiing; treatment and rehabilitation programs in the spa and relax in thermal pools; the largest ZOO in Slovakia; the cave in Bojnice; folklore and folk architecture in harmony with the natural landscape and the present; hunting, fishing, tourism and rural tourism.

The gem of the region is the fairytale-like Bojnice Castle. It is the most visited and one of the most beautiful historic monuments of Slovakia. The Chateau Appony along with several manor houses in villages like Brodzany, Oponice, alé Bielice, Klátová Nová Ves, Veľké Uherce, Chalmová, Čereňany, Zemianske Kostoľany and Diviacka Nová Ves, as well as the ruins of medieval castles in OponiceTopoľčany and Uhrovec are part of the rich history of the region.

Photo: Bojnice Castle © Tomáš Paule / www.tommyfoto.sk

Bojnice Castle

Topoľčany Castle

Bojnice Cave

Manor House Brodzany

Uhrovec Castle

Chateau Appony

Manor House Oponice

Oponice Castle

Open-Air Mining Museum in Cigeľ