The axis of the central part of Pohronie is, as its name suggests (Pohronie in English means 'the land along the Hron'), the river Hron. The landscape surrounding it experienced volcanic eruptions of enormous magnitude in the Tertiary Age. The stratovolcano of Štiavnica with diameter of base amounting to more than 50 km (31 mi) was one of the biggest in Europe.

Volcanic heritage is awarding for the inhabitants of the central Pohronie. The local mountains contain large mineral riches, iron, gold, silver and copper deposits. One of the most important mining regions in Europe developed here in the Middle Ages, with famous mining towns Banská Štiavnica (inscribed in the UNESCO List of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage) and Kremnica.

Photo: UNESCO Town of Banská Štiavnica © Peter Babiak

The area though also boasts a number of castles and chateaux like Zvolen Castle, Banská Štiavnica Old Castle, Banská Štiavnica New Castle, Kremnica Town Castle and Chateau Svätý Anton, as well as ruins of Romantic castles such as Revište, Šášov, Dobrá Niva, Sitno and Pustý Castle, the Monastery of Hronský Beňadik along with a great amount of unique technical monuments. All that is set amidst wonderful landscape with ideal conditions for hiking, cycling or skiing.

Photo: Kremnica Town Castle © Tibor Rendek

Several spas like Sliač, Kováčová or Sklené Teplice offer relaxation and therapy for those who need it.

As far as folk traditions are concerned the area of Podpoľanie with its center in Detva.

Banská Štiavnica

Kremnica Town Castle

Banská Štiavnica New Castle

Šášov Castle

Banská Štiavnica Old Castle

Pustý Castle

Revište Castle

Chateau Svätý Anton

Sitno Castle

Zvolen Castle

Monastery in Hronský Beňadik