Šariš is situated in the northern part of eastern Slovakia. In the west and northwest it borders on the region of Spiš, in the west it stretches as far as the northern part of the region of Zemplín. Šariš is moderately mountainous and the depressions regularly alternate with mountain ranges. The southern part of its territory is occupied by the basin Košická kotlina connected with the territory next to the Black Sea and the countries lying on the shore of the Baltic Sea by an old trade route called Via regale (the Royal Road).

Photo: Prešov © Jano Štovka / www.olivier.sk

Apart from being the trademark of popular beer, Šariš is also a historical region replenished with tourist destinations. Historical towns of Prešov, Bardejov (UNESCO listed) and Sabinov along with unique monuments such as the salt mines in Solivar or the mines of Dubník, which yielded unusually beautiful opals, as well as the ruins of Zborov Castle and Šariš Castle, are its pride.

Photo: Historic Town of Bardejov © Ivan Farbák

Šariš is also the place where most of Slovakia's old wooden churches are concentrated, it boasts the world famous spa of Bardejov, where, among other prominent guests, Empress Elisabeth nicknamed Sissi experienced the hospitality and excellent service of the locals.

Numerous military monuments here commemorate heavy fighting during the World War II near the mountain pass Dukla on the border line with Poland.

By the way the locals speak their typical colourful dialect with charm and naturalness, which contributes to the overall impression of freshness and novelty of this area.


Historic Town of Bardejov

Wooden Church Ladomirová

Wooden Church Hervartov

Wooden Church Bodružal

Zborov Castle

Šariš Castle

Zlá Diera Cave

Basilica Minor of St. Egidius

Concathedral of St. Nicholas

Wooden Church Mikulášová

Wooden Church Kožany

Wooden Church Frička

Wooden Church Hunkovce

Wooden Church Dobroslava

Wooden Church Miroľa

Wooden Church Nižný Komárnik

Wooden Church Korejovce

Wooden Church Vyšný Komárnik

Wooden Church Šemetkovce

Wooden Church Zboj

Wooden Church Brežany

Wooden Church Lukov - Venécia

Wooden Church Krivé