Central Považie

The longest Slovak river, Váh, which represents the central axis of this region, has endowed central Považie with its typical character. The mountain ranges of the White Carpathians (Biele Karpaty), Small Carpathians (Malé Karpaty), Strážov Mountains (Strážovské vrchy), Považský Inovec and Myjavská pahorkatina are ideal for hiking, skiing, cycling and water sports, skirt the area.

Photo: Kikula, White Carpathians © Rastislav Brunovský

The traces of Roman legions below the Trenčín Castle, monuments from time of the Great Moravian Empire from the 11th century, archaeological sites, castles, several castles-ruins such as Beckov, Čachtice, Lednica, Tematín and Vršatec, manor houses or mansions in Lednické Rovne, Čachtice and Ambrovec, fortifications, sacral buildings and houses of rich burghers are part of the offer for tourists and visitors to the region. Mineral and thermal springs occur in central Považie and its spas in Trenčianske Teplice and Nimnica are also fairly known and visited.

Photo: Trenčín Castle © Tomáš Šereda (www.ttstudio.sk)

The beautiful scenery, cultural monuments of each city and small towns, scattered villages with their typical folklore and traditions, as well as the vast number of cultural events organised during the year attract tourists to take a visit to this picturesque part of Slovakia.

Photo: Bodovka, Považie © Rastislav Brunovský


Trenčianske Teplice

Trenčín Castle

Beckov Castle

Tematín Castle

Pilgrim Site in Skalka nad Váhom

Manor House Lednické Rovne

Manor House Čachtice

Church of St. John the Baptist in Pominovec

Vršatec Castle

Mansion Ambrovec

Lednica Castle

Romanesque Church in Haluzice

Čachtice Castle